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Our monthly webinar series highlights critical AV, Collaboration and Integration learnings from some of the most experienced industry experts.

Benefit from their strategic and implementation insights and apply them for impact in your business. Learn more about enterprise strategies and the latest technologies for enhancing collaboration in your workspaces.

The Actis teams up with our global partners, industry professionals and thought leaders to bring you highly-informative and engaging webinars on topics such as professional AV, lighting, energy management, video collaboration, unified communications, presentations, network AV and environment control.

Our aim is to connect directly with personnel who undertake different types of integration projects in India and help them make better choices and get more out of their investments in collaboration technologies.

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Please send questions and comments to webinars@actis.co.in[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

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Huddle Room

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Multi-purpose Hall

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Cloud Video Conferencing

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