Top monsoon protection tips for AV and electronic equipment

The much-awaited monsoons have already hit most parts of South, East and Southeast Asia. While it brings much relief to the inhabitants of this region, it also brings in additional moist air to an already tropical environment. This extreme moisture can be taxing for your electronics devices including your collaboration and communication infrastructure. In this season, electronics are susceptible to damage by condensation.

You might have chalked out your plan to combat the intermittent nature of this season with rain protection wear, changed dietary habits and added hygiene routines. However, have you ever given a thought about the wellbeing of your electronic equipment and how they will weather the monsoon months? If not, we have done the work for you!

At Actis Technologies, we have over 4 decades of experience in dealing with active electronics, especially for commercial spaces. Over the years, we have encountered and were able to successfully troubleshoot many instances of electronic equipment failure, especially during the monsoons. We asked our engineers to share not only the top 5 monsoon problems but also 6 preventive measures to ensure that your equipment work perfectly during and after the monsoons.

Moisture and Electronics

Before we go ahead, let’s understand how excessive moisture during the monsoons can affect your active electronic. Moisture is a key contributor to a variety of electronic system failure modes. One particularly challenging aspect of such failures is their intermittent nature. As a result, troubleshooting can result in longer downtimes, further affecting productivity. Electronics are especially susceptible to damage by condensation. Moisture can corrode contacts inside and lower insulation resistance, which may cause short circuits. Therefore, it is crucial to watch out for high humidity and drastic temperature changes that occur during this season.

Top 5 monsoon problems with AV equipment

Below are the 5 most common problems that can affect your electronic AV equipment. These will help you identify key problem areas and take appropriate corrective measure.

1. Erratic performance: During this season, active electronics are prone to erratic performance and downtime. This is mostly caused due to the failure of internal components such as capacitors, resistors and diodes among others.

2. Patches on LED/LCD displays: This occurs due to excessive moisture in the environment and condensation. It leads to degraded image quality and even dead displays. This leads to expensive repairs or replacement. Using displays with visible patches can affect the longevity of the equipment.

3. Accelerated corrosion of terminals and ports: The contact surfaces of plugs and sockets are prone to corrosion in high humidity conditions. This prevents optimum electrical contact, which eventually affects system performance.

Patches on LED screen AV monsoon protectionAccelerated corrosion

4. Visible mould or fungus: This is a key problem area to watch out for, especially if it occurs around critical AV equipment. It would be ideal to relocate the equipment to a dry area, to avoid further mould formation.

5. Electrical leakage: During the monsoon, electronic devices could be prone leaking electricity due to corroded wires or improper earthing or grounding of electrical points. Either way, this can be fatal both to the equipment and the user. Water formed due to condensation can be an effective conductor for electric shocks or short-circuits.
Knowing these key monsoon problems not only help you protect your equipment but also help you figure out steps to prevent them completely.

Top 6 tips to protect AV electronics in monsoons

Below are some steps to ensure that your valuable AV equipment and other electronics are not damaged during the monsoon season.

1. Maintain an air conditioned environment: During this season, ensure that your critical and expensive equipment are kept in a humidity and dust free air conditioned environment. Maintain a constant temperature as sudden cooling or warming can cause condensation that can harm your equipment. You can use humidity sensors, humidity controllers and your centralised HVAC system to achieve this.

2. Reduce humidity: You can significantly reduce humidity with a dehumidifier that ensures optimum moisture levels in the air. You can also place packs of silica gel near the ventilation inlets on all equipment. Additionally, you should also consider installing a humidity sensor to monitor and maintain humidity levels.

3. Increase dust protection: You can install dust covers on all your unused ports and outlets. Also, wipe down your electronic equipment frequently with a soft and dry cloth to eliminate any moisture and dust. Additionally, you can place electronics in dust-resistant rack mounts.

Silica gel pack to reduce moisture Dust protection caps

4. Ensure proper grounding: With or without the monsoon season, all electronic equipment must be properly grounded. This ensures damaged protection from high-power static currents. Effective grounding creates an electrical environment that results in low levels of electrical noise and enhances the safety and performance of sensitive electronic equipment.

5. Use electronic regularly: One of the simplest things you can do is use your electronic equipment regularly. Avoid leaving your electronic equipment unused for long periods. Additionally, you can have a fortnightly routine to check and use the electronics for some time.

6. Get added protection: For sensitive and expensive equipment, it would be worth having it insured. Doing this can save you money especially against expensive replacements or spare parts. You could also service your electronic equipment before and after the rains. Finally, you can also opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) or extended warranty from AV vendor or AV integrator for added protection.

We hope these tips help you protect and save your precious equipment against the various perils of the monsoon season. Following these tips will not only save your electronics but also offer you the peace of mind to enjoy this otherwise pleasant weather.

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