Unlock smoother Enterprise Workflows
with Unified Communications

A quick video introduction to our Unified Communications solutions
  • Real-time communication - Find and collaborate with co-workers quickly and easily in real time from your phone system, conference room or messaging
  • Smoother workflows - Communicate seamlessly from almost anywhere, across not just IT platforms, but also specialised AV and VC platforms
  • Communicate from your context - Have presence awareness and access to other tools from within your desktop and inside line-of-business applications
  • Robust and scalable - Ensure enterprise-grade security, reliability and availability on reliable and scalable platform
  • World class integration and support with Actis - Actis provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance and support services that help maximise ROI (more)

New business imperatives are transforming the collaboration needs of the modern enterprise. No longer is it enough to be able to just communicate, instead teams need to be able to collaborate across a variety of platforms from the context of their current tasks. The competitive advantage which this delivers in reducing “time-to-decision” or “time-to-action” is fast becoming invaluable.

Our UC solutions help organisations to move video conferencing out of the VC room and take it to almost anywhere where you need it to be. Users can access a wide range of tools — voice calling, web and video conferencing, desktop sharing, messaging, voice mail, presence and more — integrated together for a seamless experience.

What Benefits can Unified Communications create for your business?

Re-imagine business workflows with Unified Communications (UC)

  • Teams are able to communicate intuitively from anywhere — on any device or from any room
  • A communication solution that is easy to use, manage, and deploy for organisations of all sizes
  • Reduction of costs for enterprise communication and collaboration

Design and set up your enterprise UC infrastructure

  • Suite of tools provide access to voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail and content sharing
  • A solution that is easy to use, manage and deploy for organisations of all sizes
  • Includes security features, user controls, privacy and data encryption

World class support via Actis Technologies

  • Needs Analysis & Assessment
  • Systems Design & Planning
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Training & User Adoption
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Managed Services

Key features of Actis integrated Unified Communications infrastructure

We’ve built collaboration, AV, automation and lighting infrastructure for some of India’s leading organisations

Choose Actis for World-class Video Collaboration and UC Solutions

Actis Technologies helps organisations build a better collaboration infrastructure for their teams. We apply over two decades of AV integration experience to help ensure your team achieve your strategic business objectives.

What we offer clients:

  • World-class assistance in design, installation, integration and support for all your collaboration spaces
  • Experienced AV integration specialists who are CTS certified and qualified for leading AV and Collaboration technologies and platforms
  • Highly customised solutions that fit your teams’ collaboration

Need to know more about Unified Communications for your organisation? Our specialists can help with design, integration or support services.

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