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Enabling Huddle Rooms for Creative and Interactive Collaboration (featuring Samsung Flip)

Meetings are becoming increasingly collaborative, and our interactions during them demand greater flexibility from the tools that enable us. Our expectations from our meeting rooms therefore, are evolving rapidly and real-time activity support and flexibility are becoming more and more important.

In this session, we talk about how your organisation can design small meeting (or huddle) rooms which are compact, flexible, cost efficient and yet offer powerful collaboration features. We describe how the Samsung Flip (and interactive digital flipchart) can transform small rooms and make them extremely flexible:

  • Participants can draw and write naturally and navigate intuitively which simplifies workflows
  • Collaboration can happen in different ways — video conferencing, visual diagrams, presenting, content annotation and more
  • Simple capturing and sharing of notes at optimal visual quality
  • Convenient wired and wireless connectivity for PCs, tablets, phones, USB devices etc
  • Easier sharing of post meeting summaries or notes
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