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Secure AV: How to secure AV devices in corporate networked AV environments

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As Networked AV (the coming together of AV and IT) adoption becomes prevalent in enterprise
environments, the sheer number of AV devices to be managed is growing exponentially.

But unless they are managed properly, these AV devices can also become the source of challenges to
confidentiality and security from both within and without the corporate network.

This article, titled “Networked AV in Depth: Securing AV Devices” from Infocomm International
describes some of the things that facilities managers and network administrators need to consider

Briefly, the recommendations include the following suggestions:

Consider partitioning the IT network so AV traffic runs on a VLAN

Place AV systems behind a firewall

Secure control terminals from unauthorised physical access

Use encryption for videoconferencing traffic

Implement certificate-based authentication protocols for AV devices

The complete article is available here.

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