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Tips: What is the energy saving benefit of lighting control?

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Lighting control and management interfaces (Image source: Lutron)

Lighting control and management interfaces (Image source: Lutron)

The benefits of low consumption LED fixtures in aiding power consumption are well understood, especially when there are a large number of fixtures in a structure. This is leading to their widespread adoption – especially in large offices, entire buildings and across large campuses.

But a lot more can be done to reduce power consumption, save energy costs and reduce our impact on the environment. Lighting control and management systems can play an active role in helping organisations reduce consumption, but their impact and benefits are often not as clearly understood as that of fixtures themselves.

We’ve found an article (titled “Top 10 Energy Benefits of Light Control”), in which Lutron describes eco-friendly facts about light management solutions that are often overlooked:

Some key points are:

All Light Sources Use Less Energy When Dimmed

Shading Solutions are also Energy Efficient

Intelligent Sensors can help Automatically Save Money and Energy

To read the entire article, click here


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